Anonymous asked: where is samuel now?

Samuel is now back in Korea~

cindypalmo asked: Why did Samuel go back to the U.S? O:

Probably to visit family and friends & to go for a vacation. ^^

Anonymous asked: is it possible for Samuel to join Seventeen again?

It might be.
Or might not.
It just depends on if they already have new trainees with training with 17,
or if Samuel only took a vacation and Pledis still kept him in 17.
We do not really have that kind of information, sorry~

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Anonymous asked: Do any members have an Instagram?

No official statement has been released by Pledis,
so no. No members have an Instagram, sorry~

Anonymous asked: why did samuel move back?

He did not move back to the US. He only went to visit for a while, or for a vacation. Sorry, the information is really vague.

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Anonymous asked: which Seventeen's member has gone back to us?

Samuel, the maknae, is the one who went back to the US.

If you want to receive a white day present from Seventeen, just go on our homepage and write what you want by Wednesday the 19th. ^_^

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17’s Jihoon, Soonyoung, Chan, and Hansol Dance Practice video.


Hi~ It’s Seokmin. It is me and Hansol’s 2nd birthday together as a trainee! Because I am celebrating it with Hansol, it makes me happy! I couldn’t say my first one, was actually a birthday but this time it is. My hyungs and dongsaengs (friends) told me Happy Birthday first. I’m really thankful for that and also sorry because I feel like I only receive things. Thank you everyone who congratulated me and remembered my birthday. From now and on, I will become a more amazing Lee Seokmin. Okay, I’m going to go and eat my cake~
Hansol-ah! Let’s eat all of the cake~!!!

Hello everyone!
This is Hansol greeting you in ‘From 17’
It’s already the second time I’ve celebrated my birthday along with Seventeen. (It’s already 2 years with each other right? From now on let’s be together forever~!)
From last year on my birthday, at the practice room as soon as it was 12:00, I recieved congratulations.
I figured this year too… Ha. I ate chicken along with all the members and received congratulations.
And because I share a birthday with Seokmin hyung, the hyung’s gave doubled congratulations to their dongsaengs.
Seventeen~~~ Thank you~^^
Also, I recieved many congratulations from my family. I recieved two pairs of socks from my younger sister as a birthday present.
One pair had a character that resembled me so only I must put them on ㅋㅋ My sister is cute right?
Finally since it wasn’t just mine and Seokmin hyung’s birthday, all February 18th birthdays, happy birthday!
Thank you guys for celebrating my b-day!

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